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Saddle Seat Riding is a Sport

Educating new riders and their families is one of our main focuses at Krussell Stables.

More often than not, new riders come to the barn and have limited knowledge of equestrian sporting events.

Saddleseat Riding is a very disciplined and technical sport.

It requires physical strength, mental toughness, balance and the ability to control your body from head to toe all while seamlessly riding and controlling a 1200 pound horse!

When recreation just isn’t enough
and there is a desire to compete

Krussell Stables is a show barn that offers competitive teams that provide an opportunity for equestrian athletes to participate in a sport they love.

Team practices include saddle time in addition to physical and mental conditioning.

Riders are coached to set goals, improve skills and techniques, develop strong work ethics, be responsible in caring for equipment and horses and focus on skills that will allow them to have success in the show ring.

All of this is done in a fun family oriented environment that is supportive and rewarding.


Academy Show Team

The Academy Show Team is for both adults and juvenile riders. Members of the Academy Show Team do not need to own their own horse and ride Krussell Stables lesson horses at local competitions.

The Academy Show team exposes beginner and intermediate riders to horse show competitions. This allows riders to gain experience in the show ring.

Academy Show Team Members ride twice a week. One lesson is private and focuses on individual skills and the second is a group lesson that allows riders to learn showmanship skills while riding with numerous teammates at the same time.


The Performance Show Team

The Krussell Stables Performance Team consists of elite adult and juvenile riders that either own their own American Saddlebred Show Horse or lease one for a season. Many of the Performance Team members started out on the Academy Show Team and worked their way up to the Performance Team. At this level, Krussell Stables works with the show rider in addition to having a specific training schedule for their horses.

This creates a beautiful, well prepared and nicely turned out team in the show ring. Our Performance Team Members are recognized nationally and compete locally and throughout the country. Each American Saddlebred Show Horse is handpicked by Ray Krussell and Wendy Carney for their team members.